For Educational Institution Management

  • Student Services Management
  • Subjects Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Grading System Management
  • Content Management System
  • Multi-Institute Management
  • Multi-lingual Environment
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EduFera Modules


Student Services Management

All the student-related data is available to you at your fingertips with EduFera. Assign students to their respective classes. Access attendance, grades, schedules, reports and other behavior data.

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Subjects and Batches Management

System allows you to define various of student groups that have the same subjects in the educational institutions including subjects types i.e., year/semester along with its duration and other subjec

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Human Resources Management

The institution can manage their employees completely starting from their admission to leaves management, payroll assignment , payslips generation, vacation, bonus etc.

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Accounting Management

MySchool allows you to manage all the financial calculations easily and automates many of the tasks such fees receipt generation, fully customizable fee structure to charge fees according to different

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Grading System Management

MySchool grading system module makes recording and calculating grades simple and efficient. You can simply enter student grades and let MySchool do the rest

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Content Management System

You will not need to code everything from scratch because our tool allows people to easily manage their own web content.can serve all your needs with a friendly interface

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MySchool Management System is a multipurpose school management cloud software, an innovative and powerful user-friendly interface used by hundreds of educational institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities…etc. With the passage of time, new technologies are taking place of old traditional environment of managing informative data. So, it’s important for the educational institutions to manage all data and work in a professional way in order to save time and money both. We have been with MySchool Management System for almost 15 years. now MySchool is MySchool. Our new name better reflects the products and solutions we bring to our customers, as a company, we are a well-known to the customers we serve but We want to expand our reach and drive awareness of MySchool beyond our existing customer base to prospective customers ” Schools, Colleges and Universities…etc.” in which we operate around the world. MySchool is Offering the Best School Management System for their customers. We have developed a system that is being demanded all the education systems’ worldwide. .


MySchool is designed and developed to facilitate paperless administration and reducing the pressure of data management of educational institutions. MySchool automate all the management modules of Student Services, Subjects and Batches, Human Resources, Accounting, Grading System, and Content Management system. MySchool also provide notification facility for all the users. It comprises of an application for better communication to parents, teachers and student and to make it more feasible to users.


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