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Accounting Management

 MySchool allows you to manage all the financial calculations easily and automates many of the tasks such fees receipt generation, fully customizable fee structure to charge fees according to different conditions and standards, carryout fee collection online with various methods.


Student Fees Management:



MySchool helps in managing collection of school fees, issuing fee receipts and fee register updation is done with the help of software resulting in highly accurate data. It provides facility to print receipts automizing office work. It provides facility to generate due fees report easily and at any point in time. It directly enters fees receipts to the accounts of the school.


Staff Payroll System:


MySchool provides facility to manage the entire payroll of the school staff members with ease and accuracy. Different salary structures can be defined for staffs and teachers with various allowances and deductions. Monthly pay slips for staff and teachers can be generated and managed. Salary slip, salary statement and other financial reports can be generated and printed easily. Automate processing and calculation of staff’s salary which is integrated with leave application and attendance module with automatic counting of working days from staff attendance.


Accounts Management:



MySchool allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers.Integrated with fee module, salary of staff and other expenses; this module automatically manages to post of fees into appropriate account heads.This module enables effective management of complete account of school. All types of vouchers can be entered from single voucher entry screen.Using this, we can create all types of accounting transactions and vouchers.It automatically prepares all accounting books like Trial Balance, Cash Book, Day Book, Income and Expenditure, and Balance Sheet. Account module is interconnected with payroll system and fees management.